Things I’ve heard from my window #63:

Girl on fire: “Oi you bitch”
Girl not on fire: “Well, don’t stand so close to my fag end in your cheap polyester, slapper”
“You’re only pissed off coz you know he’s gonna leave your crazy ass for me eventually”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, keep hoe-ing yourself about in your slutty clothes girl, maybe your dreams will come true one day”
“Baby my dream is for him to have the balls to leave you, then he might be worth all o this honey”

Things I’ve heard from my window #62:

“What!? you can’t get married, you cheated on the poor girl like 10 times this summer you dick.”

“Well, yeah, but I’m like 36 now mate and its just easier than stating all over again.”

“Fuck you’re a dick man, she’s really nice.”

“I know right, so why get rid?, she’ll never find out.”